Monday, April 3rd

Strength: Pause Front Squats (3 seconds) 4×3 at 65-75% 1RM

Squats – don’t rush the pause, stay engaged and not bottomed out, and do not redip when driving our of the pause! Build between 65 and 75%

Ascending AMRAP 12 3/6/9/12/15ect Double Dumbbell Front Squat 50/35 | 35/20 | 25/10 Chest to Bar Pull Up | Pull Ups | Jumping/Banded pull up or ring row Box Jump Overs 24″/20″ | Step Overs | shorter box

Workout – Adding 3 reps each round, keep the BJO’s as the slow and steady pace, small quick sets on the C2B and really try to hang on to those front squats for large sets.