Friday, March 10th

Weightlifting: Power Snatch: 10 singles building from 50% of 1RM snatch *no more than 60s rest between reps* *Score is first weight/final completed weight*

Snatch – we’re going to limit our rest to 60s or lest today as we build, so fatigue should set in after the 5th attempt. Make small jumps so that you can increase each round. You should need no more than 5 minutes to get to 50% and 10 minutes to complete 10 reps, so lets run a 15 minute clock for time management.

“Broken Grace” 3RFT (9 min cap) 10 Power Cleans 135/95 | 115/85 | 95/65 10 Push Jerks 135/95 | 115/85 | 95/65

Quick burner today in which we’re breaking up the benchmark Grace workout. Depending on how well you perform traditional Grace, this may actually slow you down significantly due to the 10 straight jerks. Try to slow down your power cleans a bit if you struggle with the jerks as we want to go bigger or unbroken on those.