Monday, January 9th

Strength: 3 Rounds Through 10 Strict DB Press 30s Handstand Hold Max Push Ups Rest 2-3 minutes

The strength circuit should be done as quickly as possible with good form. Neutral grip on the DB press (shoulders), lock out but not hyper extended on the HS hold (scale to overhead barbell holds, light with good form), and push ups enforce perfect form. I’d rather see someone do 5 perfect push ups than 20 bad reps.

Conditioning: For Time: 12 min cap 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Power Cleans 95/65 |75/55 | 45/35 Front Rack Lunges 95/ 65 |75/55 | 45/35

Workout, the weight should be light, something that we can do each round and each movement done in no more than 2 sets with one quick break. The barbell cycling should get the heart rate up quickly, so try and take short breaks early on rather than let the heart rate get out of control.