Friday, December 16th

Strength: Weighted Pull Up Negatives 5×3 at slowest/smoothest negative possible

Pull ups – use a bench or a box so that you start at chin over bar unless strong enough to perform good weighted pull ups. Looking for a slow but smooth/controlled negative with a focus on using your lats to release tension. For those that can’t do a negative, use a light band across J-Hooks to provide some assistance.

Conditioning: Open 22.1 AMRAP 15 3 wall walks 12 dumbbell snatches 50/35 | 35/20 15 box jump-overs 24″/20

Workout – open 22.1 has a lot of shoulder fatigue with the wall walks and snatches back to back. Either pace the first two or pace the box jumps so we can stay consistent throughout.