Monday, July 11th

Strength: 4 Supersets of: Pausing Back Squats (1s) – 5 reps building from 65% DB Alt Forward Lunge – 6/leg Rest 90s

Strength: Ensure that we are staying braced and not rounding or collapsing in the pocket on the pause, and not bouncing to reinitiate the lift. Immediately performing alternating DB forward lunge (farmer carry) for 12 total reps. Use lighter DBs as our goal is to complete these movements and limiting our rest to 90s.

Conditioning: 3RFT (15 min cap) 20/15 Cal Row 20 Box Step Overs w/ KB 35/26 20 Single Arm KB Thruster 35/26 10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)

Workout – Lighter weight today as we are introducing a new movement to many, the single arm KB thruster. KB should be in a proper front rack position, using our momentum from the squat to propel it upward before finishing our press. Perform 10 on one arm and then switch. Ensure we’re staying braced and not leaning towards the side with the weight!