Friday, June 24th

Gymnastic Strength: 15′ to complete 4 giant sets of:

Strict HSPU at 80% effort – Hanging straight leg raise 8-10 – Hanging kip swings 10 reps – Rest 2 min

Skill/Strength – We have a gymnastic giant set today. For the HSPU we want to complete at 80% effort, meaning we should quit before failure and have at least one rep left in the tank on those earlier sets. Scaling will be 1 mat (2 mats are not beneficial for strength), pike push ups on box or floor, then DB z press. If performing z-press, we should choose a weight that we can get 10 reps on our first round.

Workout: AMRAP 11 40 DU/80 SU 20 KBS 53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18 10 HSPU

Workout – Looking to stay unbroken here today, but the combination of movements will really fatigue our shoulderes which can break down our DUs. Try to stay relaxed in the arms and let the wrists do the work.