Monday, February 28th

Strength: 4 supersets of: 6-8 Bent Over Barbell Row + max effort strict pull up.

Strength – Bent over barbell rows should be a moderate weight, torso as close to a 90 degree angle as possible without rounding our backs or shoulders. Pull ups are strict and can be done with bands. If using a band, find an assistance level that yields in the 5-8 rep range.

Conditioning: For Time (15 min cap) – 30 Front Squats 115/85, 5 Rope Climbs, 200m run, 20 Front Squats, 3 Rope Climbs, 200m run, 10 Front Squats, 1 Rope Climb

*Rope climbs scale to 15/9/3 Rope Pulls to Standing, or rope climbs to as high as possible.