Wednesday, February 23rd

Strength: Back Rack Barbell Forward Lunge 4×12.

Strength: Working on moderate lunges today, meaning the weight will be slightly less after yesterday’s squats. We will perform all 6 on one leg before switching legs. Switch starting legs every set. **Unless we have a significant knee problem, we should NOT be using a mat to cushion our knee on the ground. If you require a mat, it means that you are not controlling the rep to the ground and should drop weight. Our knee should not crash or rest on the ground for any rep**

Conditioning: For time: (24 min cap) Run 800 m 3 rounds of 20 Hang Power Clean 95/65 25 KB Swings 53/35 30 Walking Lunge (body weight) Run 800 m

Workout: Choose a KB weight that you can do 25 reps unbroken, however grip fatigue after the power cleans will most likely require these to be split into 2 sets. Power clean weight should be something that we can quickly do in 1-2 sets each round.