Thursday, January 27th

Gymnastic Skill Work: Kipping Pull Up Progressions: (20 minutes) A) Hollow-Arch swings B) Standard/C2B Kipping Pull Up C) Butterfly Skill Work For those with Kipping/Butterfly, we will be performing a EMOM 10 with 50% of our max pull ups.

We will spend a full 20 minutes today working on pull up variations through the kip/butterfly. For those that have it, if we do not know an approximate max pull up, we will perform one max set, rest, then perform our EMOM 10 at 50%. Our focus here is going to be quickly being able to hop on the bar, directly enter our swing and maintain this as we fatigue.

Conditioning: 5RFT 6 Power Clean 135/95 14 Alternating DB Front Rack Lunges 40/25

Cleans should be at a weight where we should be touch and go for most, if not all of the rounds. DBs also should allow us to go unbroken on the lunges, 7/leg alternating.