Saturday, January 22nd

Conditioning: Teams of 2:
20/15 Cal bike
15 Ring Dips
30 KBS 70/53
60 Air Squats
30 KBS
15 Ring Dips
20/15 Cal Bike
200m Run (together)

Besides the dips, we should be attacking this workout in large, quick sets, sprinting the bike calories and the run to get the heart rate up and keep it there. One partner works, one rests. KBS are heavier so we can do small quick alternating sets with our partner to attack these.

Core: 3 max sets of plank holds on rings

Lower the rings to 2-3″ off the ground, holding the top of a push up position for max effort. Can raise the rings to reduce difficulty, but we should not be going more than 30-45 seconds per attempt.