Friday, January 21st

Weightlifting: Clean Pulls: 4×5 at 90-95% 1RM

Weightlifting: Our goal today is to build strength and power through the proper pulling positions we’ve worked on. Try not to let go of the bar at any point, but it is okay to drop and reset your hips between each pull. Initiate each drive with a nice neutral foot, driving through the quads and finishing with a vertical pull on your toes. Rest 2 min between sets.


“Weightlifting Friday”
2 Power Snatch 155/105
4 Power Clean 155/105
30 DU/60 SU

Workout – we’re continuing the weightlifting focus and putting both power snatch and power cleans in the same workout. For both movements we want to focus on relaxing our arms and allowing our leg drive to initiate the movements all the way through the glutes before activating our arms and finishing with aggressive turnovers. These reps should be quick(ish) singles, scale weights are 135/95, 115/85, 95/65, 75/55.