Thursday, January 20th


4 Super Sets:
10 Front Rack BB Walking Lunge (~25′)
10 Barbell Romanian Deadlifts
2 Minutes Rest

Strength today will be focusing on posterior strength in glutes and hamstrings. The weight should be the same for both movements, okay to build over the sets. The lunges will be 5 per leg (~ 25 feet or more depending on step size) and should be done without the knee resting or crashing on the floor, smoothly stepping into the next rep. Drop and reset into your RDLs, slight bend in the knee, shoulders back and hinge at the hips We do not want the plates to touch the ground to increase time under tension.


For Time:
21 Back Squats (body weight)
5 Rope Climbs/15 Rope Pulls
15 Back Squats
3 Rope Climbs
9 Back Squats
1 Rope Climb

Workout – we’ll be taking our squats from the rack today since they are a little heavier. Because of this, we want to be smart with our sets, knowing we can easily rack/unrack should allow us to perform smaller sets to prevent leg fatigue from building. We’ll be combining these with rope climbs or rope pulls, so today is very much a strength based conditioning workout.