Friday, January 14th

Conditioning: Open 18.1 AMRAP 20 8 TTB 10 Single Arm Dumbell Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35 14/12 Cal Row

Workout – stipulation provided by the open that you must complete all 5 reps on one hand before doing the next 5 on the other with the C&J. This workout is very much a pacer, so set a moderate pace from the beginning and hold onto it for the duration.

Core: 3 Sets: A1) 8 Weighted strict hanging knee raises) A2) 8 Weighted pause crunches (2 seconds)

For the core, we want to use a moderate med ball for both movements. Med ball between the feet for the knee raises, making sure our knees clear parallel. For the crunches, hold the med ball straight overhead and crunch into it. During the pause, ensure your shoulder blades are completely clear of the ground before returning.