Thursday, January 13th

Weightlifting: EMOM 8 2 Squat Clean and Jerks (Split) building from 60-70%

Today’s goal is to reinforce our clean and jerk by putting a time constraint on them, requiring us to quickly focus and initiate each rep in order to get our rest. Start at 60% and build slightly, but quality of reps is more important than weight moved here.

Conditioning: AMRAP 3 (for 5 sets) 200m Med Ball Run 20/14 Max Wall Balls 20/14 Rest 1 minute

Today’s workout is going to be about pacing, pushing ourselves into larger rep schemes, and quick recovery. The run should be completely in 1:30 at most, leaving us another 1:30 to complete as many reps of wall balls. Because time will go by fast, lets try to push it for 2-3 big sets rather than small sets where the rest will add up. Score is total reps across all 5 rounds.