Tuesday, January 11th

Weightlifting: Snatch Balance – 15 minutes to find a 1RM for the day

Snatch Balance – (taken from rack) we will initiate the rep by dipping 2-3″ and using our hips to explode into the bar, creating separation, then immediately dropping into our squat by pressing through the bar, driving us down. We are looking to build to a heavy for the day to 1) establish our strength in this movement and 2) build confidence that we can catch more weight than we think in our squat snatch.

Conditioning: 8RFT (16 min cap) – 200m run, 10 Overhead Squats 75/55

Today’s workout will focus on working on finding a consistent pace on the run, while immediately grabbing the bar and performing 10 unbroken overhead squats. Rx+ should perform 95/65, however all 8 rounds should be performed unbroken, with the time on the barbell being no more than 30-45 seconds per round.