Saturday, January 8th

Conditioning: PairUP ThrowDOWN (2021 Crossfit PairUp ThrowDOWN workout)

For time, with a partner:

30 synchro deadlifts 185/125 30 synchro bar-facing burpees 400-m run 20 synchro deadlifts 185/125 20 synchro bar-facing burpees 400-m run 10 synchro deadlifts 185/125 10 synchro bar-facing burpees 400-m run Rest 5 minutes, then: 10 synchro thrusters 75/55 10 synchro pull-ups 400-m run 20 synchro thrusters 75/55 20 synchro pull-ups 400-m run 30 synchro thrusters 75/55 30 synchro pull-ups 400-m run Time cap: 35 minutes

This workout is straight from and was a great heart rate burner. The weights should be something that we can complete the 10/20/30 in 1/2/3 sets respectively. Synchronization does not have to be perfect, but if one partner finishes a rep ahead of the other, they must wait for the other partner to finish before starting the next rep.