Thursday, December 16th

Weightlifting: 5 sets of 3 Power Cleans, 1 Push Jerk at 65-70% 1RM

Weightlifting: lets focus today on keeping our arms relaxed and letting our legs drive into the ground to get fully vertical on the cleans. Drop and reset on each rep, finishing with a strong push jerk, aggressively driving under the bar as low as we can go.

Conditioning: AMRAP 12: 15/12 Row Calories 15 Pull-ups 15 Push Press, 95/65 lbs

Workout – we’re choosing a rep scheme that is slightly higher than what we would normally do unbroken, but our goal is to push it and perform bigger sets on the pull ups and push press. Because of this, treat the row as a recovery and push the other movements the entire workout.