Thursday, September 9th

Strength: Tempo Back Squat to Box: 4×4 @ 70, 75, 80, 80% – 3 second negative

Strength: Besides the last two sets, the weight should be on the lighter side. Set a box to just below parallel (or about the lowest depth you can go with a good squat), use the negative to control your descent and anticipate the box. As soon as you touch, drive aggressively back up and DO NOT SIT BACK ON THE BOX.

Conditioning: 2RFT 100′ Single arm DB Overhead Lunge 50/35 20 DB Box Step Ups 24″/20″ (single DB) 5 Wall Walks

Workout: We are focusing on a glute-intensive first two movements in a higher rep scheme than normal. The wall walks should give your legs time to recover for the second round but will really force your shoulder stability on the lunges. Scale wall walks to box around the worlds, or wall walks as high as possible.