Tuesday, September 7th


Push Jerk Technique Work: 5 sets
1 Push Jerk w/ 3 second pause in dip and in catch
1 Push Jerk w/ 1 second pause in dip
1 Push Jerk

Weightlifting: Today we are going to focus on positioning in both the dip and the catch. Dip: We want to keep our chest and elbows high with no movement and ensure the knees do not track over the toes. Catch: we should be driving our head/chest forward, pushing the bar over out traps and not our head, and having the hips slightly back to balance.

Conditioning: 21-15-9 Push Jerk 115/85 Pull Ups Ab Mat Sit Ups

Workout – With a moderate weight on the bar, we want to shoot for no more than 2-3 sets on the PJ and PU. The sit ups have been placed today solely to provide muscular rest, so push the pace on the weighted portions.