Wednesday, February 12th

Strength: Pressing Complex
3 Reps Push Press + 3 Reps Push Jerk


In 12 minutes complete:
5 BMU or 5 C2B + 5 Dips
7 P. Snatch 95/65
9 Bar Facing Burpees
Use remainder of 12 minutes to hit a max snatch attempt.

Introduction to Powerlifting

Introduction to Powerlifting will be a sport-specific, 8 week program. It will be designed to increase your comfort with, and mechanics of your squat, bench and, deadlift. Athletes will be working with a coach that has competitive and coaching experience, who can assess each individuals needs and weaknesses. Athletes will be able to track their performance via an estimated 1-Rep max calculation, the same method that powerlifters use day-to-day. This program will not end in 1-Rep max tests.

Topics covered will include:

Bracing and spinal mechanics
“Rate of Perceived Exertion” Methodology
Main vs. Accessory Lifts and Load Management

Leaving this class, athletes should be able to brace better, which will transfer to any type of barbell movement, to include Olympic lifting, and CrossFit. Lifters will develop their leg and back strength, which will be able to be transferred to the Olympic lifts. They will also be able to develop their bench press and their chest, is traditionally under-utilized on CrossFit and Olympic lifting, and contributes to overall shoulder health

We will meet two times a week, Mon/Sun and Weds, for 90 minutes. Each workout will include a squat, bench, and deadlift, or variations of the main lift. This class will be capped at 12 athletes.

If you have any questions, please contact James Johnson, or Dan and Steph!

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