**New Programming** Monday, February 4th

**New Program**
A new month is upon us which means we will be starting an entirely NEW program this month. This new program will also be brought to you by a new programmer, Coach Craig. Don’t you worry though, Coach Pete will be coming up with new ways to improve your fitness in the near future but until then, let’s see what Coach Craig has in store for us…
The theme of these next 12 weeks of programming is going to be aerobic capacity under load.  Aerobic capacity refers to the maximum amount of oxygen your body uses during intense exercises over a set time frame.  We can train our body to increase aerobic capacity by changing both the amount of oxygen our body uses (work load) as well as the duration of the exercise (time).  We designed the next 12 weeks to challenge both variables to help you to increase your aerobic capacity and ultimately, to move faster with higher loads more consistently, which should coincide well with anyone participating in the Open this year.

Over the course of this cycle you will be challenged with a wider variety of workouts.  You will see more EMOMs (every minute on the minute), more intervals, shorter AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) that will incorporate rest periods but you will have to repeat multiple times for pacing, as well as your standard “for time” and medium to longer AMRAPs for conditioning.  By throwing in a greater variety of conditioning workouts, your body will be forced to adapt, using more oxygen quicker for shorter, intense workouts and less oxygen at a more steady pace for the longer workouts.  Forcing your body to adapt is one of the best keys for growth.

Finally, we will continue to incorporate a strength/skill portioning to the programing at least 3-4 times a week.  You will see a lot of your old favorites in the squat, deadlifts, and presses, but with some of the variation that we began to introduce in the last month or two.  We will work to increase muscular endurance by altering the movements with tempo, pauses, and shorter rest periods as well as incorporating more body weight progressions to work towards skills such as pull ups, hand stand pushups, and muscle ups.  We have trained a lot for strength in the past months, now we will focus on the endurance needed so that you can hit those same big lifts in a workout while you are breathing hard.  -Craig


Test: 2,000 Meter Row


Clean & Jerk complex
5 sets
1 hang squat clean +
1 push jerk +
1 full squat clean +
1 push jerk

*If you are comfortable with split jerks the 2nd push jerk can be a split jerk*