For Murph

Monday is Memorial Day.  We will start at 9am with the citation of Michael Murphy’s Medal Of honor.  I am going with the recommendations of some people this week to go ahead and read the citation myself.  I appreciate those of you who said something and it is a great honor to read the citation again this year.  After the citation we will play the national anthem and immediately following will hit the clock for the 1st heat.

Come warmed up already, there will be no coach-led group warm up.  Come ready.

Come ready to count every single rep NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Come ready because you can and will reach your individual goal Monday, no matter what.

I appreciate the support of the last few weeks.  We have pulled together and help do a lot of cool stuff in the past and these few week have just as cool what with the K9 vests and surpassing our goals as well as big support for Murph this year as well.  I think its cool and I thank you for the support.



Row 1000m

50 Barbell thrusters (45,35)

30 Pull-ups