Monday, May 8th

Today is our 1Rm Back Squat Day.  The following few weeks will be focusing on some more Olympic Lifting.  We have been through 2 squat cycles in a row now with some great squat therapy.  These two things have led up to better mobility in the hips and shoulders (hopfully) as well as some needed strength that can be translated into some better Olympic Lifts.  We are going to Snatch heavy this Thursday to find a near 1Rm for the snatch then go from the high hang, to the hang and down to the floor over the next few weeks for both the snatch and clean.

Here are some tips and things to think about no matter what level of Olympic lifter you are right now are.  Make sure that you actually know what these positions are (Full, Hang and High Hang) .  Not just for the Snatch but the clean as well.  Also, hook grip.  Do it.  Olympic Lifts don’t get better overnight, they don’t get better by adding more weight to the barbell, they don’t get better by doing the same thing you’ve been doing.  So, open your mind up to some changes.  Be ok with drills.  Drillers make killers.  Own the positions and then add weight.  Focus on your mobility and don’t think you’re going to get better if you can’t get into the squat comfortably or don’t have a good overhead squat position.  These are a must or you’re going to be power snatching and power cleaning until you have fixed these issues.  Again, not overnight but it needs to be a focus if this is you.  Lastly, I’m not positive but I doubt anyone is going to the Olympic so, DON’T BE FRUSTRATED with this.  Olympic weightlifting is hard and even when you’re feeling good it goes badly so have some perspective on things that this is a process, have fun with it, don’t take it TOO seriously and get better little by little and then we’ll talk about the Olympics…

Super lastly, Oly lifts are very dynamic and compound.  Going through the motions in the warm up, skill based warm-up and not properly warming up will get you injured.  I guaranty it.  So, pay attention to what your coaches are having you do for a warm-up.


1Rm Back Squat


75 Wallballs for time

Rest as long as it took for the wallballs then

75 burpees for time