Thursday, March 30th

Got a question from a beginner the other day, Bob.  Bob asked how to get better.  Specifically,  how to get this one movement down because he felt behind the game.  I love getting questions about getting better and how to work on something.  I want everyone to get better and CrossFit, I mean, that’s why we’re doing CrossFit when it comes down to it.  To get fit and better at life.

I can definitely give advice on how to get better at one movement.  But, it’s also important to remember that this one move, while you may get it down pat, isn’t the end all be all to getting better at CrossFit.  I told Bob that he can work off to the side on this one movement, he can get my help and the help of other coaches to get this one move down better.  You can watch videos on technique and ask others how they got better.  (I won’t go into nutrition, sleep, recovery)  My main piece of advice was to simply, keep doing it.  Yes, keep doing the movement you’re trying to get better at but, keep doing CrossFit.  There is no fast track to getting better.  You have to go through the process of getting better and you have to be consistent.  I couldn’t give him the one answer to get better at CrossFit.  I will say however, that consistency and being engaged in what you’re doing while you’re here is a major point.  Coming in, going through the motions and treating your training like a secondary thought might now be beneficial.  Be engaged 100%.  Also, as a coaching crew we will give you the best advice that we know.  You have to take that and put it into practice.  Sometimes, advice is in one and out the other which couldn’t be more frustrating for the coach giving advice as well as the athlete asking for it.

Lastly, be aware.  Be aware of what’s going on with your specific experience in CrossFit.  You may not realize it but, it’s all good.  You have entered the gym for the day which A LOT of people aren’t doing.  People aren’t keeping themselves as healthy as you are by simply showing up!  You’ve taken that first step towards health and you should be aware, happy and proud of yourself for doing so.  You’re probably forming some good relationships.  Relationships with fellow athletes as well as relationships with coaches.  This is important for growth.  Don’t be in vacuum, be present.  Everyone, no matter first day or seventh year should be learning something new every damn day whether it comes from a coaches mouth, an athletes mouth or a tertiary medium like the interwebs.  Look to get better but, enjoy the process and be aware that you are getting better each and every day by just coming to the gym and opening up your paradigm to learning.  Even if you SUCKED today you got better.  This may be the worst advice but it’s true.  Your central nervous system is taking up all this information that you’re putting your body and mind through and processing it.  One day that process that has been internalized will come out and you will find yourself atop of those rings or cycling some double unders like nobody’s business.  It will happen.

We’re here to learn.  We’re here to grow as athletes and people.  Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged.


Power clean work for 15 minutes.  Perfect Power cleans


Metcon: “11.5”

20-Minute AMRAP of:

5 Power Cleans (145, 100)

10 Toes-To-Bar

15 Wall-Ball Shots (20,14)