Abs are made in the kitchen


I know we’ve talked about WHY we do core work, WHAT is involved in working your core, and HOW you do it, but let’s talk about abs.  Everyone wants to see their abdominal definition come through.  Abs are kind of like that one thing that really shows your hard work is paying off.  But how do we get abs?  Well, this might come as news to you, but everyone has a 6 pack.  Yes, everyone.  Under layers of fat tissue, we all have defined abs.  We must peel that layer of fat off in order for our abdominals to shine through.  This is NOT done through doing endless amounts of crunches and abdominal exercises.  This is done through proper eating and hydrating.  Eating clean and drinking plenty of water, in combination with a good exercise program, are the main ingredients in finally seeing those abs.  For a week or so, I’ll be talking to each of you about your eating habits, and where we might be able to improve.

14 November 2013

Accumulate 8 minutes of plank.

Each time you rest, you must do:

10 sit ups

10 jumping squats