Monday, March 27th

Strict Pull Up: EMOM 10 – 3 reps (weighted if possible)

Strength – working on our pulling strength with a consistent 3 reps each minute for 10 rounds. If possible, go weighted, even if that means you have to drop or reduce the weight as time goes on. Scaling should make the assistance less (smaller, lower bands) so that we really have to fight for the 3 reps on later sets.

Sad Helen: 15 min cap 1200m/1000m Row 63 KB Swings 53/35 | 35/26 | 26/18 36 Pull Ups | Banded Pull Ups | Jumping Pull Ups or ring rows

Workout – We’re performing the same Helen reps, except we’re subbing in a row for the run (hello grip burner) and performing our reps straight through instead of breaking it up in 3 rounds. Pace your row in a manner that you can go bigger on the KB Swings and a goal of 3-5 quick sets on the pull ups.