Friday March 24th

Back Rack Reverse Lunge – 3×16 (8/leg)

Strength – only 3 working sets for our lunges today, but high reps (8/leg, alternating) so lets start with a moderate weight and build slightly. We should not need to put padding down for our knees unless we have an actualy injury. Athletes that drop too fast on the knee should reduce weight (even body weight) and practice controlling the steps and building their knee strength for stability.

For time: 14 min cap 1000/800 Meter Row 50 Toes to Bar | K2E | Knee Raise/lying leg raise 30 Dual Dumbbell Box Step-Overs 50/35 | 35/20 | 20/10 ***Step overs are on a 20″/16″ box, scaling to lower height as needed!***

Workout – today’s stepovers will be performed on a lower box than normal to allieviate our tendency to lower and round our back to step up and over with heavy weight. A 16″ box can be grabbed on strong side, or a 12″ box with 1-2 plates on top to reach the height.