Thursday, March 23rd

Strict Press – E3MOM for 15 min (5 sets) Max reps Strict Press at 60% 12 Lateral DB Shoulder Flyes

Strength: Going to form failure on the presses, not absolute failure. We expect to see a signifcant drop off between set 1 and 5, so push each set. Lateral shoulder flyes should be a lighter weight that we can burn through and still have a few left in the tank.

4RFT (12 min cap) 10 Push Press 95/65 | 75/55 | 45/35 10 Bar Facing Burpees 10/7 Cal Bike

Workout – Emphasis on pressing today, weight should be unbroken to start, no more than 2 sets as we fatigue. Large classes should stagger the start so that everyone bikes (don’t just switch to rower). These workouts are for quality not time, so its okay if you have to wait a little for the bike.