Monday, June 6th

Strength: Front Squat: 5×5 at 70%, 75%, 80%, 80%, 80% Rest 2 min

Conditioning: 5RFT (12 min cap) 12 Alternating Pistols | Cossack Squat | Single leg squat to box 9 Dumbbell Push Presses (50/35 lbs) 6 DB Burpee Deadlift 50/35

Workout – Today we will be doing pistols which can be scaled to heel elevated or counter-weight pistols, but then should scale to cossack squats to work on unilateral stability. If we cannot get full depth on the cossack, scale to single leg squat to box or target as low as possible. ***Ensure we are bracing properly before standing up after the burpee and into our deadlifts!***