Monday, May 9th

Strength: Back Squat – 3×5 @ 100% 10RM 1×20 @ 60% 10RM

Strength – We’re going to hit 3 working sets with 2 minutes of rest in between, then drop the weight and hit one large volume set. Limit rest to under a minute on the last set.

Conditioning: For time: 15 min cap Row 300m 15 power Snatch 135/95 Row 250m 12 power snatch Row 200m 9 power snatch Row 150m 6 power snatch Row 100m 3 power snatch

Workout – weight today should be something that we can do quick, efficient singles on (drop and immediately perform next rep, ~5 seconds per rep). Lets use the row to find a moderate pace that allows us to get off and straight to the barbell as soon as we’re done.