Wednesday, March 23rd

Strength: Tempo Deadlift – E2MOM 12, 4 deadlifts at 70% of 10RM

Every 2 minutes perform 4 deadlifts at 5051 tempo (5 second ascent, 5 second descent, 1 second pause at top).

Deadlifts – we’re going to work on maintaining a proper brace and utilizing our legs to drive down into the ground as much as we are pulling up on the bar. 5 second eccentric and 5 second concentric, with a short pause at the top of each rep. For those that did not get to test their 10RM, we will use 80% of our last 1RM for our 10RM number going forward.

Conditioning – “Randy’s got abs!” 3RFT 25 Power Snatch 75/55 25 V-Ups

Workout – we’re taking the Randy workout and breaking it up into three sets and adding a core element. The V Ups will be extremely taxing, so for scaling perform as many V Ups as possible per round, switching to ab mat sit ups when needed.