Tuesday, November 30th

Weightlifting: 5 rounds for quality of: 2 Clean Lift Offs 2 Clean Pulls 1 Power Clean building from 55-70%

Weightlifting: Lift off = to the knees, ensure torso position stays throughout the rep, drive through quads and glutes not hamstrings. Clean Pull – Ensure your first pull matches that of the lift off, do not lose tension on the first pull, begin pull chest vertical after the knees and rise up on toes (not forward). Finally, finish with a power clean with focus on reinforcing the two.

Conditioning: For time: 25 Power Cleans, 115/85 lbs 25 Row Calories 20 Power Cleans, 115/85 lbs 20 Row Calories 15 Power Cleans, 115/85 lbs 15 Row Calories 10 Power Cleans, 115/85 lbs 10 Row Calories 5 Power Cleans, 115/85 lbs 5 Row Calories

Workout: We have a decending couplet that will really challenge the grip today. We want a weight on the bar that we can manage to string at least sets of 5 together for the majority of the workout. We should not see anyone starting off with singles today. The time cap should be achievable for most as long as we maintain a moderate pace on the rower and limit our rest time between barbell sets.