Wednesday, November 17th

Gymnastic Strength Re-Test (8/31) AMRAP 3: Strict HSPU / Z-Press Rest 3 minutes AMRAP 3: Kipping HSPU / Hand-Release Push Ups

Sub in Z-Press if cannot perform with 2 or less mats.

Gymnastics: Strict HSPU must be done with no more than 2 mats, scale is only a Z-Press with a moderate weight. Athletes must use the exact same weight or mat setup. Kipping HSPU is the same, scaling HRPU. Scaling athletes must do either regular or knee push ups and not both, retesting the same way.

Conditioning: For 5 cycles: AMRAP in 2 mins of: Run, 200 m Max Rep Burpee Rest 1 min between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP

Workout – after testing today and yesterday, we want to have a lower impact, shorter workout. Our score is total burpees across all 5 rounds.