Wednesday, September 22nd

Gymnastic Strength Accessory:

Gymnastic Strength Circuit – 3 times
A1) Strict Pull Ups 3-5 reps (add weight if needed)
A2) DB Z-Press 6-8 reps
A3) DB Bent Over-Row 6-8 Reps
A4) DB Upright Shrug 6-8 Reps
Rest 2 min

Strength: We have a large circuit dedicated to both pushing and pulling strength required in gymnastics. There should only be one DB weight for all movements, starting with the most difficult and ending with the easiest. DB Rows should be performed bent over, unsupported, pulling both DBs at the same time. Upright Shrug should be standing tall, pulling your shoulders up and back, pinching your traps together at the top.

*Pull ups do not have to be weighted, if doing bands attempt a band that is harder than usual, even if it takes you 2-3 quick sets to get the 3-5 reps.

Conditioning: 3 rounds for time of: 15 Power Snatches, 75/55 lbs 20 AbMat Sit-ups 15 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls, 75/55 lbs 10 Burpee-to-Target, 6 ins