Saturday, June 26th

For time (teams of 2) Run, 400 m Max Rep Thruster, 95/65 lbs Run, 400 m Max Rep Kettlebell Swing, 53/35 lbs Run, 400 m Max Rep Wall Ball, 20/14 lbs Run, 400 m Max Effort Box Jump, 24/20 in

“One partner starts on run, the second partner will AMRAP thrusters, then switch roles before moving to the next round of KBS/Wall Balls/Box Jumps.
Score is total reps. However, to make sure people do not sand bag there will be a one point deduction for every 2 seconds teams finish behind #1. So if team 1 takes 20:00 at 350 reps, team 2 finishes at 21:00 at 380 reps, their score is only 350.