September Programming Goals Tuesday September 4th, 2018

*September Programming Goals*

A new month is here so, lets talk about our new goals for the month: First up on the agenda will be…..barbell work (hip hip HOORAY)! After taking August off from a lot much lifting we are coming back full force this month. You can expect to see some powerlifting (box squats, bench press, deadlifts) AND some olympic lifting (snatch, cleans, jerks). In addition to all of the fun weightlifting, we will also be working some gymnastics with lots of pull ups and toes-to-bar. Warning: be sure to take care of those hands! With that said….



Hang Power Snatch EMOMS

Minute 0-2: 3 hang power snatch

Minute 3-5:2 hang power snatch

Minute 6-8: 1 hang power snatch

*build up in weight to heavy single


“Daily Dozen”
12 barbell facing burpees
9 power snatch (115/85)
6 bar muscle up