What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?! Get with CrossFit Woodbridge now on CrossFit btwb!  This  is where we are currently posting our daily WODs. We will continue to only post on btwb for the remainder of the month. Workouts are released at 8pm the night before. In addition to viewing the daily WODS, with this new app you are also able to log your scores, view leaderboards for our WODS and other classic CrossFit benchmarks, share comments and emojis with fellow classmates, and monitor your own unique imbalances.

We want your journey to be as rewarding as possible here at CFW. We’re confident CrossFit btwb will contribute positively. Sign up at www.crossfitbtwb.com and be sure to ask a coach about our gym code if you don’t have it already!