Friday June 1st


Wendler Week 2



70% of 90% 1RM x 3 reps

80% of 90% 1RM x 3 reps

90% of 90% 1RM x 3+ reps (As many reps as possible, MUST be more than 3)



“Three year old Jeremy Bloniasz lost his life in a tragic accident Thursday, July 6, 2006. To Jeremy’s parents, Kelly and Jeremy, the entire CrossFit family offers our deepest sorrow.”

The workout know as “Jeremy” was originally a CrossFit Kids workout (using broomstick for overhead squats). Later a variant by the same name was posted on the CrossFit main site, using a weighted barbell for overhead squats. This version of the “Jeremy” Tribute WOD was first posted on as the workout of the day for Friday, July 25, 2008 (080725).


Overhead Squats 95/65