Monday Murph

Hey everyone, Murph is coming up on May 29th at 9am. We encourage everyone to come out for the event. Whether you’re participating in the workout or supporting we’d love to have you come out.

We will start at 9am with the national anthem and LT Michael Murphy’s citation. A member of the staff at CFW usually does the citation but, this year I’d like to open it up to anyone who would like to read it. I will say, after reading the citation to kick off our events in the past it is quite the honor. The citation is a few short paragraphs depicting the details of Operation Red Wings. If you would like to do this on Memorial Day email info@crossfitwoodbridge.

Lastly, the grill will be started up at about 10am. Please bring something to share if you would like.

See you there!


Front Squat 3rm



15 KB swings (70,53)

10 Ring Dips