Increasing Shoulder Range of Motion

Let’s spend some time giving our upper body some love. While the mass majority of you will hate me after this movement, it is a great one to practice before/after any WOD that involves you going overhead.

  1. You’ll need a barbell and a rack.
  2. Set your rack up slightly higher than you normally would for a push press (maybe a peg or two higher).
  3. After placing bar on rack, place your hands in a very wide snatch-grip position, and descend into an overhead squat position; be sure your feet are under the bar or even slightly in front of you so as to prevent you from going on your toes.
  4. With your head looking directly in front of you (not down to the ground!), gently rock yourself forward through your arms and as far into the frontal plane as possible, and then backward behind your arms/shoulders.
  5. Breathe throughout the movement. 6. Do this a few times, so as to help loosen those shoulders and allow for better range of motion in future movements overhead.

Happy stretching!