Removing Back & Shoulder Blade Kinks

This will really help to work out those crunches you probably developed from overhead squats.

  1. You will need a lacrosse ball and a hard floor
  2. Notice the pink tape on my back, for those of you who are anatomically challenged, that represents my spine…DO NOT PUT THE BALL ON IT. You want the ball to roll down the fleshy portions on either side of said spine.
  3. Lay down on the ground and put ball on one side of the spine; you want to start up toward the traps.
  4. Be sure you’re completely laying on the ball (it probably won’t feel amazing, so your shoulder will want to come up and off of the ball…don’t let it!).
  5. Take the same arm as the side the ball is on, bring it up above your head (ideally touching the ground), and then diagonally down toward your opposite leg.
  6. Continue to do this movement as you roll over the ball and down your back.
  7. Spend 3 minutes here and then switch sides.
  8. Don’t forget to breathe!!

Happy stretching!