Support each other

unnamed2The other night before bootcamp started,  we had a new bootcamper in attendance.  It slipped my mind to introduce one of our veterans to the newbie.  I walked away to grab a stop watch and came back and saw them already chatting like they knew each other.  This made me very happy- supporting each other is extremely important.  As Kinetic Bootcamp grows, I’d love to see more relationships form between bootcampers.  It’s intimidating as a new person coming into a workout program they’ve never done.  First of all, you have no idea what to expect.  Second of all, you don’t know how the people around you will be.  So to come into a program and be welcomed only assures the new person that they made the right decision.  Keep supporting each other!

9 January 2014


wall balls


sit ups

*100 jump ropes in between each round