photo8You might wonder from time to time why we do isometric exercises.  First, what is an isometric exercise?  An isometric exercise is any where the joint angle does not move, and force is applied while the muscle doesn’t lengthen or shorten.  For example, a plank is a perfect example.  There is tension on muscle, but you’re not moving through any range of motion.  These types of exercises are beneficial for strengthen the stabilizer muscles.  They are also great for modifying an exercise someone might not be able to do.  If you can’t do a pull up, build up your ability to hang from the bar.  Hanging is an isometric exercise that strengthen muscles that assist in pull ups.  They also increase mental toughness.  We all have had that mental battle while holding plank.  Our brain tells us to drop but we know we can continue.  So, let’s practice!

3 November 2013

Teams of 2:

100 1-arm dumbbell thrusters

*one person works while the other holds plank

100 sit ups

*one person works while the other holds the bottom of a med ball squat

100 1 count jumping lunges

*one person works while the other hangs from the bar

****Every OTHER minute on the minute, 3 burpees each