Check out the video from the day before yesterday’s Crossfit workout.  It’s Coach Lauren’s progression as an athlete.  Just go up to “blog” and click on Crossfit, and scroll down 2 days, and you’ll see it.  Tell me that’s not inspiring!  If you saw that first young girl struggling with a movement like that, would you think she was bursting with potential?  Lauren worked hard, found her inner potential, and brought it out.  I’m not saying everyone wants to compete in Crossfit like Lauren…or compete in anything for that matter.  All I’m saying is find your potential, and apply it to a goal.  Everyone’s goals are different, but everyone has them.  What’s yours?

November 7, 2013

*1 minute jump rope in between each movement

3 rounds

20 v-ups

20 plank knee crunches

20 weighted sit ups

20 supermen

Extra as a group: plank walks