Hero WOD Weekend


I’m assuming most of you have Monday off from work and/or school, so pleeease join the gym in remembering the fallen soldier, White. All the CFW ladies will be doing this WOD at 9 am. Once again, I’ll post the bootcamp version of it so that every one of you will be able to complete it. Everything is scaleable. If you have any questions about Monday, feel free to email me or ask about it today in class. Make sure you check this blog on Sunday night to check out the WOD 🙂 Today we’ll be doing a modified version of “Murph” (pictured above), one of the notorious CrossFit Hero WODs.

Saturday, May 24, 2013

Modified Team Murph

Teams of 2

Run 4 laps

100 sit ups

200 push ups

300 lunges

Run 4 laps