Monday, June 22nd

Strength – Jerk Complex: 4 rounds for quality of: 2 Push Press 2 Push Jerks 1 Split Jerk. All 4 sets should be close in weight, first set should feel heavy with only small jumps.

Conditioning –

3x 6 mins RemReps: Rows, Chest-to-bar Pull-ups, Rests and 3 more3 rounds, 6 mins each, for max reps of: Row, 250/200 m max reps in remaining time Chest-to-bar Pull-ups Rest, 1 min Run, 200 m max reps in remaining time Power Cleans, 155/105 lbs Rest, 1 min

*Workout goes as follows: 2 minutes work, 1 minutes rest, repeated 6 times (3 times per couplet, 17 minutes of work). Row 250/200m, max reps C2B with remaining 2 minutes. 2-3 minute is rest, then run 200m, max reps PC, rest 5-6 minute. Repeat 3 times. Score is max reps across all 6 sets.*