Wednesday, May 6th

Strength – 3 Position Clean Grip Deadlift (video) 5×3. One rep is a clean deadlift to below knee, one to above knee, and one complete rep. Sub in DB/KB at heaviest weight possible, focus on torso positioning and driving with quads and glutes. If weight is light add a 2s hold at each position to increase the stimulus.

Conditioning – 5RFT 8 Single Arm DB Hang C&J 50/35, 12 Lateral Jumps over target (video), 8 Single Arm DB Hang C&J opposite arm, 12 TTB/Leg Raises. Barbell modify with 95/65 and complete 8 reps for both (total of 16 reps per round).

Core – 100 Straight Leg Sit Ups w/ PVC in back rack for time.