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Michelle Bordellon - The workout times! This was the only place I could workout before 5:30. To be honest, I hated it the first 2 months! But I kept coming because I had paid for 3 months and I didn't want to prove my husband right that I would quit in the first 3 months. But after the shoulder problem and everyone being so helpful, it started getting better. I started to not be so quick to leave after the workout. I now feel like I belong there :)

Paul Degere - When I started my A1C (Sugar Test) was 7.9 after 6 months my A1C is 6.1 - Normal A1C is 5.6. I have gained muscle, strength and endurance. I now can complete every rep and workouts, I can now do 30-40 sit-ups as well as 40 Pushups. I am even running 1 mile before each workout which I haven't done in 15 years.

Saurabh Datta - I have all positive things to say about CrossFit Woodbridge. If someone wants to join CrossFit, I will strongly encourage them to join CrossFit Woodbridge. I'll tell them that Crossfit Woodridge is a wonderful community where you will improve your fitness, achieve fitness goals, become stronger, make great friends and will get excellent guidance from nice, polite and very friendly coaching staff.

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