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Nick Cassano - My favorite part of CFW is the different workouts and challenges that they present. I think I can attribute my weight loss to the challenging workouts CFW offers and my current eating habits. I really enjoyed the challenge and what it had to offer. The best part probably was everyone sharing food recipes and other foods to eat during the challenge. I know I saved many recipes and discovered new foods due to this. The Slack app also helped for communication. If anyone had a question, they could just post to the app and it usually was answered pretty quickly. Overall, I had a great experience with the challenge and enjoy the workouts at CFW.

Conor Legere - Make a three month commitment to it. By then, you will have been doing it long enough to see real results. At the end of three months, look back at how far you’ve come. I guarantee that you will be capable of doing things you never thought you could when you started.

Michelle Bordellon - The workout times! This was the only place I could workout before 5:30. To be honest, I hated it the first 2 months! But I kept coming because I had paid for 3 months and I didn't want to prove my husband right that I would quit in the first 3 months. But after the shoulder problem and everyone being so helpful, it started getting better. I started to not be so quick to leave after the workout. I now feel like I belong there :)

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