Workout of the Day

Weds, Dec 28th

  Today: Skill: Kipping, kipping knees to elbow and on to toes to bar.  Time to leave that double kip in 2016.. METCON 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 Hang Power clean and Jerk (95,65) Toes To Bar  

Tuesday, DEC 27th

Today: It’s time.  You’re going to need these numbers for 2017.  This is the last time we will max out for a while Today: CrossFit Total 1RM Back Squat 1Rm Deadlift 1Rm Press 15 minutes for a good general warm… Read more »

Tuesday, Dec 20th

Today: Strength: 5 RM Ring Dip *Learn how to kip your dip by utilizing your knees *Practice how to do bar dips as well if you have bar muscle ups METCON 21, 15 and 9 Power Cleans (135,95) Ring Dips

Monday, Dec 19th

The Open is near so you are going to see some more skill based classes like you have been the past couple weeks with work on the kip, certain gymnastics moves etc.  The goal being to strengthen those movements so… Read more »