Workout of the Day

Tues, Jan 10th

Today: Flip/Flop METCON: AMRAP in 12 minutes Run 200m 6 Push press (155,105) 10 DL (155,105) Strength: Back Squat 6×3 @80% *No rest between metcon and strength.  Have racks set up before the start

Today: With a partner A. 6 Rounds for time 17 Thrusters (95,65) 17 KB Snatch (53,35) 17 Push ups B. When 6 rounds are complete 2000m row

Polar Bear Plunge

From Debbie Probst…. Kody, our 16 year old son is special needs (Post Traumatic Disorder) from brain damage suffered as an infant on life support for several months (pneumonia) and unfortunately all through his life due to his small airway/difficulty… Read more »

Weds Jan 4th

Today we are going over touch and go movements and learning to cycle weightlifting movements.  Dropping and resetting is great and should be done most of the time BUT, for faster, lighter workouts T&G is the way to go. Today:… Read more »

Tues, Jan 3rd

Today is our forst “Flip/flop” day.  METCON first then Strength. Today: METCON: Row 1.5K Strength: 10RM Push Press (after row) *Flip/Flop. 18min max for both parts. No rest between METCON and Strength. Have your racks and bars set up before… Read more »

Mon, Jan 2nd

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope we can jump off on the right foot this coming year.  I look forward to a positive environment, fun programming and of course getting results !   See you in the gym. Today: Back Squat… Read more »

Partner up

Today: Partner up one person working at a time, split reps as you see fit: 40 KB Cleans (53,35) 50 Pull-ups 40 KB Shoulder to overhead (53,35) 50 KB Goblet Squats 40  Burpees 400m Run together 50 jumping lunges Run… Read more »